Ep#40 The Rich Witch Life: Permission to Prosper with Dez Davis

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In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Dez Davis, a transformational thought leader, speaker, and creator of The Rich Witch Life, a coaching and consulting company based in Los Angeles.

For over a decade, Dez has studied and applied practices of energy psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and advanced transformational coaching to ignite the impact to income and influence potential of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, service providers, and established community organizers.

She draws upon her dynamic life experience as a Queer Woman of Color and unique expertise as a spiritually-centered high-performance entrepreneur to champion a new era of inclusivity, awakened to wealth creation, and heart-centered leadership in business.

What are you celebrating about yourself today?

Dez: I’m celebrating feeling really vibrant and good in my body today.

How would you describe your medicine?

Dez: Emotional alchemy. I invite you to tilt your head back, lift your tongue, and receive a small dose of big potent medicine that’s going to work through your tissues and your veins and reach you in a deep way and deliver you to a moment of reconciliation and alignment.

How has your ancestral lineage influenced your path today?

Dez: A lot of People of Color in America have ancestors that had been some form of entrepreneur. My grandfather, his father, and his mother before were all able to monetize their gifts—not just their spiritual gifts, but also that of doing hair, sewing, and growing food. These are all things I would consider entrepreneurial, even if they weren’t necessarily supported by society. I have roots in the Caribbean on my mother’s side, and the Caribbean is full of magic. My grandfather’s side is from the deep South. I only found out about my ancestral lineage less than three years ago. I wish that my business started so consciously and intentionally. I was working 9-to-5 as an assistant manager who got unfairly demoted to five hours per week after working full-time. To say that I needed to make ends meet is an understatement. Growing up, I saw my mom do Reiki and readings, and I started to get into it, practicing my energy work and capacity to be intuitive and give people advice. That all naturally rolled into coaching, which wasn’t a big thing ten years ago. I weighed the pros and cons of whether to pursue the energy work route or the coaching route, and coaching turned out to be the solid, secure route to go down. I found that I love working with heart-centered entrepreneurs and creatives—people who wanted to be more devotional in their career. As fate would have it, the next company I worked for put me in the intersection of high-ticket sales, womanhood, and justice. Long story short, two women and I won a class-action lawsuit, and it was my first taste of another aspect of what I do now. The Rich Witch Life was born from that: A place where empowered, magical, spiritually-centered devotional women can monetize their gifts and to empower people to be in a position to thrive in their work.

What is it like to work with people who have a very strong calling to address injustice and heal their relationship with money?

Dez: That’s one of the trickiest intersections: social justice and money. It’s always emotional freedom work. It’s about figuring out how to step into a relationship with justice backed up by the larger context of the Universe shifting and evolving us; to know that we’re in a moment in time that is not reflecting the complete whole of where we’re headed. We don’t want the fact that freedom hasn’t fully been achieved to overwhelm us. It’s the work of emotional freedom to create a healthy detachment and do your work without letting your potential haunt you. It isn’t just for community organizers, but for everyone who is heart-centered and has anti-capitalist values, and a desire to transcend anti-capitalist values.

What is beyond anti-capitalism?

Dez: And what’s beyond capitalism is actually what existed before capitalism. There was resource-exchange. We are uniquely embodied with gifts that we can exchange with other gifted individuals. There is an existing paradigm that precedes and proceeds capitalism that ancient spiritual civilizations have been thriving off of for thousands of years, and we want a piece. How do we do that, today, in 2021? It’s not less available, by any means.

What did you have to sacrifice in order to step into The Rich Witch life?

Dez: I have had to sacrifice pain avoidance, habits of urgency, codependency, and safety. I’ve had to sacrifice my identity multiple times because it took extreme rites of passage to get to where I am today. We’re talking about quantum timeline work, nervous system work, lower chakras, neurobiology, whole self, and regeneration to be able to articulate a shift in consciousness.

How have all these sacrifices turned business into a catalyst for your healing, recognizing that healing is not an end destination?

Dez: Actualization is not an end destination. Business is a path to actualize yourself. Healing is a component of that; but, we need to learn to go from healing to healed, and then to operate from that healed state. And that’s a different journey. We also have to hold space for others as we go through our own journeys without codependency. When it comes to coach method training with my clients, that’s a major portal that we go through: Clearing and healing your codependency.

What are you currently doing to stay grounded?

Dez: Just as there are different seasons, we go through different cycles in life where we molt and heal. It’s been an exceptionally-high sensation kind of a year-and-a-half for us. It might be another three-to-five years where we feel the echoes of what’s just emerging. I say this because it’s the foundation for my mindset and how I stay grounded. If something is uncertain and I don’t know when it’s going to be resolved, I ask myself where my resolve is right now. To me, that looks like a lot of lower chakra work, somatic nourishment, rest, and letting my actual body turn on again. I’m reconciling and making amends with my body through listening to and remembering through my body versus through my head.

What is a ritual or a practice that you can invite people to start with if they are learning to drop from the higher to the lower chakra, and listen to that intuition that is already deep within and guiding them?

Dez: Use techniques that literally leverage the technology of your body (ex. tapping, subconscious release, NLP, etc.). This way, you can start to get out of conflict between body and mind and put them on the same team, so that your capacity to listen deeply and your ability to hear yourself is that much more amplified. Most people’s intuition and their conditioned mindset are what are in conflict with each other, and that’s what makes listening so difficult.

What would you tell your younger self as a future ancestor?

Dez: You don’t have to earn your keep, beloved. You are here on purpose and with a purpose that might go beyond your understanding. There is something spiritual and mysterious at play. Let yourself have fun.

Conclusion: Healing isn’t the end-goal. In many ways, it’s only the beginning. So it is with actualization. Business can be a vehicle for your healing and actualization. From there, you now have a newfound responsibility and a fresh journey begins where you can pay it forward to other People of Color who are currently walking the path you have just conquered.


Action Integration: Harness your body’s technology to create a bridge between that body and the mind that oh-so-often distracts us from living our fullest selves. With the body and mind on the same team, your capacity to listen deeply, your ability to hear yourself, and your potential to receive is greatly amplified.

Learn more about Dez and her offerings:

Visit her website: www.therichwitchlife.com

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