Ep#44 Resurrection: How to Reclaim Rites of Passage with Luna Grace

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In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Luna Grace, a transformational, alignment, and leadership mentor with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and the creator of The Alignment Code and The Self Initiation Affirmation Deck.

She works to support her dharma of working within the intersection of the human and the holy. Her mission is to offer spaces of self-initiation to service-oriented changemakers who hear the call to step more fully into aligned leadership through their unique expression and maintenance of their values, so they can run legacy-leaving lives, families, communities, and organizations.

What are you celebrating about yourself today?

Luna: I’m celebrating feeling my roots again after three months feeling “uprooted”. I’m feeling sovereign, stable, and solid within myself again. I’ve also learned to see displacement as medicine in service to my being, my growth, my path, and my purpose.

How does your ancestral lineage inform how you show up in your medicine today?

Luna: I come from a very mixed blood, many-rivers-into-the-ocean kind of background. I’ve come to see how much of the issues that we have in America are from the lack of space for European people to grieve their loss of tradition and culture. There is generational grief instead of European descended people that they don’t even realize is inside of them, and they subconsciously try to find a place of belonging to cope with that loss of identity. So, I’ve found that the reclamation of grief as an inherent part of our life-death is something that is such an integral part that we have avoided in this searching-for-the-fountain-of-youth culture that does not want to look at death and how prevalent it really is, and how it begs us to become intimate with it. I simply believe that our life is preparation for that final act, which has the potential for so much freedom. The way we live our life will determine our level of preparedness for that moment. My mom died when I was 13 and I was essentially encouraged to grieve but then move on as quickly as possible. I spent a good decade avoiding my feelings and adept at numbing. You name the addiction, and I probably had it. I always saw the addict archetype as a mystic: Someone who realizes that there is something more in life and is searching for it. Everyone longs for that moreness, but very few are willing to do the work to receive it. Today, I’m so willing to dive deep into those depths and help others do the same to realize their potential.

How will people transform after taking your program, Resurrection?

Luna: When the idea for Resurrection came up, I knew that this is what the collective needs at this time. I’m not going to tell you that, by the end of this journey, you’re going to feel like your life is in order. You’re going to have to make the hardest decision ever, because you finally got honest with yourself. I would rather have you be honest and liberated rather than living a lie and bound to that lie. If that means you need to get divorced, quit your job, move, or go back to living with your parents, then so be it. The narrative that I’m personally attracted to are those by the people who are really being honest about what is really going on in our culture, and to stop pretending that your making six figures is going to help you if you’re lying to yourself about who you are. I have found, in that liberation, that everything else aligns itself. So much of the untended grief is what stands in the way of our own expansion.

How can we make grief a pleasurable experience?

Luna: In my experience, it’s not necessarily the wave of grief that feels pleasurable; but, it’s my personal acknowledgement of my own willingness to go there that brings me joy. Alice in Wonderland was originally called Alice in Underland, which was the underworld. She falls down the rabbit hole and she is in the underworld, going through all these initiations to find who she is, and facing all of the symbols of her own subconscious. It’s the same myth that Joseph Campbell talks about. It’s everywhere, even in nature. So, to deny ourselves that experience is to deny our own inherent nature.

Who is Resurrection for?

Luna: This is for three people: 1) Those who have been avoiding that call from their own underworld that has been beckoning forth; 2) Those who are in a place of grief and want to reclaim a guide and a community to help them see that they are not going through it alone; 3) Leaders who are supporting others and want to expand their capacity—who aren’t necessarily in their own grief but want to prepare for their big initiations in the future.

What are you doing to stay grounded and what have you learned to release?

Luna: I’ve asked so many questions about myself and it’s really about peeling off these layers. I’m finding joy in it. The place I find difficult is self-parenting. I’d cry sometimes and wonder when someone would come and save me. Then, the little voice inside me would say, “You. Pick yourself up; hold yourself; choose yourself.” That’s been my mantra: I’m choosing myself. My job is finding the parts of myself that felt separate and uniting them, giving them a place they feel welcomed into. And that’s my self. So, this ties into release. In this sense, I’ve actually learned to look at release as integration.

When does Resurrection start?

Luna: We start on the eve of the Autumnal Equinox which is Monday, September 20. Registration will be open until then.

What would you tell your younger self as a future ancestor?

Luna: What just popped up in my head is, “You a badass bitch!” There is a lot of pride in disrupting the unhealthy patterns that have been passed down.

Conclusion: Grief is really about our own identity. It takes place when we find ourselves asking, “Who am I without this person?” or, “Who am I without this home?” That’s what grief is really inviting us to figure out. But, we can make grief a pleasurable experience by acknowledging that grief is part of our nature, that grief purges us so that we get closer to the core of our being through each of these challenging periods in our life.

Action Integration: Make this your mantra: Choose yourself. As you repeat this, you will understand yourself better, because you will unite all those parts of yourself that in the past have felt separate from each other. By accepting everything that enters your life—including those things that bring you joy and those that bring you grief—you achieve greater integration.

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