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BUD TO BLOSSOM Mastermind 

A 6-month mentorship program for healers, witches, creatives, changemakers & visionaries who are ready to expand their story medicine, lead transformational workshops, and step into the frequency of abundance. 


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What is the legacy you’ll leave behind when you become an ancestor, returned to earth and stardust?


โœ“ Launch that podcast

โœ“ Create your dream retreat

โœ“ Scale your sacred offerings

โœ“ Get paid to speak and play

โœ“  Lead impactful workshops

โœ“  Raise your rates frequency

But most importantly...

Allow your medicine to be the salve that heals your lineage and all those around you.

When your dharma lights you up, you light up the world.

And it all begins with your story medicine.


Does this sound like you?


๐“†น You’re tired of marketing strategies and sales tactics rooted in fear and scarcity. 

๐“†น You already have a product or service, but are seeking alignment and integrity with your values.

๐“†น You live in the flow, but you need accountability and structure to follow through on your intentions.

๐“†น You’re craving a community of spiritual & entrepreneurial women, BIPOC, allies, and accomplices who are invested in co-creating the (k)new earth as we remember who we are, armed with ancestral and indigenous wisdom.

๐“†น You want more than a business, but a legacy that carries on the wisdom of your ancestors that will be passed down to future generations to come.

Hi, I’m June Kaewsith,

also known as “Jumakae” -

As a Storytelling Coach and self-proclaimed “Life Doula,” I support healers, creatives, changemakers, visionaries, and witches with finding clarity in their message and confidence in their speaking so that they can share their story, grow their legacy, and heal generations before and after them.

Fun fact: Jumakae is a combination of my first, middle, and last name!

After getting fired freed from my nonprofit job back in 2018 where I was making $37,000 a year as a community organizer and rape crisis hotline counselor, commuting 1.5 hours in Los Angeles traffic daily, and working 60 hours a week -

I knew it was time to divorce the struggle by embodying a new story.

(That, and I didn’t have a choice when no one else would hire me!)

Storytellers are the artists, culture keepers, and healers of our communities.

At the end of your life, what story will you tell to the next generation?

Imagine if...

๐“†น Your career revolves around your creativity, and not the other way around. 

๐“†น Figuring out your title no longer consumes you since people are magnetized toward your energy more than your offer.

๐“†น Comparison doesn't take you into a downward spiral. Instead, other people's success only amplifies what's possible for you.

๐“†น You've cultivated an embodiment practice & a beloved community to fertilize your dreams without feeling like you're outshining anyone.

๐“†น Your budding gifts were given a garden to blossom and serve as medicine for others on their own healing journey.

๐“†น Money becomes a byproduct of you living out your purpose.

๐“†น You stopped hiding beyond certifications, degrees, coaches and courses by finally becoming the guide you've been praying for.

I'm not here to tell you what to do...

My job is to uphold the frequency of love, ask powerful questions, and to carry the vision of what is possible beyond your fears.


 Since birthing my business, I’ve been able to:

๐“†ธ Speak on the TEDx Stage discussing “How to Connect with Your Ancestors”

๐“†ธ Become a bestselling author published in a book called “Women of Color who Boss Up”

๐“†ธ Lead (paid!) storytelling & trauma-informed workshops for institutions such as Center Theater Group, National Storytelling Network,  California Endowment, UC Santa Barbara, and more.

๐“†ธ  Feature my story in the Red Table Talk for Jada Pinkett Smith’s 50th birthday

๐“†ธ Create a multiple six-figure coaching business that predominantly serves women, people of color, and gender non-conforming folks. 

๐“†ธBut most importantly, reclaim my time, center my wellness, set better boundaries and cultivate a healthier relationship with myself and those around me. 

While these are worth bragging about...

What I’m most proud of is the realization that no level of success matters when we are not giving ourselves permission to feel abundance on a cellular level.


What is your version of success?

Join the many students who have gotten desired outcome

Take a look at their stories after working with me...

Leslie birthed her workshop "Healing the Madre Wound" and sparked a worldwide movement to #EndChanclaCulture, resulting in media attention and a following of over 100,000 Latinx committed to intergenerational healing. 

Leslie P.
Founder of Latinx Parenting

Jayden already had a six figure business as a hair stylist, but was seeking to tap into their shamanic roots as a storyteller & healer. Today, they coach other overworked hair stylists with living a life of abundance & joy beyond the numbers in their bank account.

Jayden N.
aka the "Hair Angel"

Uthara left her nonprofit job and birthed her course Decolonize Your Chakras, replacing her income within 6 months with a $30k+ launch combined with workshops. She now serves as a spiritual guide & embodiment coach to other aspiring healers on this path.

Soul Awakening Coach

Since Your Story Medicine was born in 2018, we have proudly served over 150 students from around the world in our programs who have gone on to become known in their industries as speakers, coaches, educators and healers.


Our goal is less about numbers, but about the depth of relationships we can cultivate with one another while allowing that to ripple out into the collective change we wish to see. 






Wondering what's included?


Two Group Calls per month for 6 months

Growth & healing cannot happen in isolation. Meet with additional cohort members for feedback, open coaching, breakout rooms, and trainings led by June.

 $5,000 value

Monthly Guest Coaching

Topics from other invited experts can include trauma informed coaching, legal structures, money mindset, social media management, and more. 

$3,000 value

One 1:1 coaching session per month for 6 months

This experience is curated around your vision! Receive a total of six private calls to dive deeper into the creation of your legacy.

$3,000 value

Voxer Support

Gain access to send me private voice notes for additional coaching so that you won't have to wait until our scheduled calls for support.

$5,000 value

One In-Person Retreat with Photoshoot 

Be connected to this vibrant community as we gather beyond virtual screens and meet in person for embodiment, storytelling, and business coaching.

$7,500 value


As a result of this mentorship, you’ll walk away with:


๐“†ธ The embodiment you need to tell your story so that you can release feeling like an imposter or fraud.

๐“†ธ Less hustle, more flow - and using pleasure as a compass so that you can lead an orgasmic life.

๐“†ธ  Alchemizing your money wounds into abundance so that you can feel rich, regardless of what’s in your bank account.

๐“†ธ Discerning the role of healer and human so that you can give yourself grace when you make mistakes.

๐“†ธ Clarity on your medicine and dharma so that you can communicate what it is you do without freezing or overexplaining yourself.

๐“†ธ  Your own 6 figure framework & product suite so that you know exactly what to focus on to get there. (Hint: Less is more!)

๐“†ธ A community of fellow healers, witches, creatives, and entrepreneurs doing the work to make their ancestors proud.

 Don't take it from me.

Take the words from my students.


You may be wondering...

You're reached the end of this page.


If you're feeling a full-body YES! Then you're invited to apply for my 6 month coaching + mentorship program.

*Participants will be selected via the interview process.


Additional stories from seeds that have blossomed around the world: