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 12 week online group immersion to reclaim your ancestors' medicine

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Spring 2022



We start
June 29, 2022!

Apply now for guaranteed interview. Our calendars fill up quickly for clarity calls. 🙏 

Now enrolling for

Spring 2022



We start June 29, 2022!

Apply now for a guaranteed interview. Our calendars fill up quickly for clarity calls. :pray:



Watch this to unapologetically reclaim your ancestral wisdom:

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Let's Rise!

As a result of this experience, our intention is for you to...


𓆹 Find Clarity in Your Medicine

𓆹 Craft your Signature Story

𓆹 Gain Confidence to Facilitate Workshops 

𓆹 Strategically Grow your Income and Legacy


Our 3 Step Process



Storytelling begins first with the stories we're telling ourselves, and observing how that shapes our reality.

Create a ritual practice through altar keeping.

Discipline is one of the highest expressions of self love. Use your calendar as a manifestation tool.

Alchemize your pain into pleasure.

Gain massive clarity on who you're here to serve.

 Embody your story medicine, and practice the art of receiving.



 Create content consistently, and share stories from a place of radical alignment

Exercise your lower chakras by taking action toward your vision as a future ancestor.

Cultivate the confidence to speak from your sacral + womb space.

“A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind.”
— Grace Lee Boggs



Gain the basic marketing tools and public speaking skills to leverage your story and connect with your people.

Lead a workshop, birth your signature program, and unapologetically get paid to share your story medicine with my Bean, Bud, and Blossom framework.

Learn how to conduct calls with your dream clients by connecting it back to your story medicine. When you master this, you'll never feel like you're selling again!


*Our timeline will be determined by the collective and is subject to change. Live coaching dates are currently set on WEDNESDAYS from 4:00 - 6:00PM (PST).

Who this is for...
🌿 Changemakers and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and have community accountability to get clear on their messaging + birth their sacred offerings.
🌿 Women of color, gender non-binary folks, multiracial people, and femmes who are actively reclaiming their ancestor's healing practices.
🌿 People who are feeling called to lead virtual workshopsspeak in publicmake money with less time, and make their wellness a priority.
🌿 Individuals who are not afraid to invest in themselves and their personal growth in a collective container.
🌿 Bodies that are ready to reclaim their pleasure and unapologetically take up space by becoming the go-to experts in their industry!
Hear from others
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What you'll be learning...
🌿 Roots (Belonging) -  Compost Old Stories

𓆹  Storytelling begins as an inner experience. What are the stories you're telling yourself that you're ready to compost into the earth?

𓆹  Create ritual in your life and connect with your ancestors for guidance.

𓆹  Heal your imposter syndrome, and begin embodying your future ancestral wise self!

🌿 Sacral (Relationships) - Craft Your Legacy Story

𓆹  Learn how to tell stories and call in your dream people with your medicine.

𓆹  Unclear about your medicine? Don't worry, we got you! Learn to alchemize your pain into pleasure.

𓆹  Master the "me/we/you" storytelling technique.

🌿 Solar Plexus (Confidence) - Clarity in your Message

𓆹  Communicate what it is you do and who you're here to serve.  

𓆹  Embrace healthy boundaries. 

𓆹  Plant your legacy on fertile soil versus sinking sand, and take action from a place of alignment. 

🌿 Heart (Giving/Receiving) - Heal Your Money Story

𓆹  Set your rates from a place of integrity.

𓆹  Reframe old money stories into empowering ones, and expand your capacity to receive.

🌿 Throat (Expression) - Share Your Story Medicine

𓆹  Get booked for podcasts, negotiate for speaking engagements, and know exactly what to say when asked for your fees. 

𓆹  Conduct consent based sales conversations from a place of service and love (and I promise there's nothing manipulative or gross about what we do!). 

🌿 Third Eye (Focus): Birth Your Sacred Offerings 

𓆹  Have a projection of your year with the bean, bud, blossom framework. Learn to work with the seasons, just as nature intended.

𓆹  Instead of entirely winging it, you'll have clarity on what's inside of your medicine toolkit to support others in their ascension. 

🌿 Crown (Attraction): Connect with Your Honeybees

𓆹  When you're embodying your story medicine without any attachment to "likes" or followers, people will naturally want to connect with you.

𓆹  Have the basic online systems in place to be able to receive others into your sacred container (without the tech headaches!). 

🌿 BONUS: Human Design Workshop

*Subject to change based on pacing of participants.

What's Included...



We will meet for a total of twelve (12) Wednesdays for embodiment and strategy calls. All modules and sessions will be recorded for replay if you're unable to make it. *Bonus sessions may be added based on group's needs.

You'll also be a part of our secret facebook & instagram group to share your progress!


Receive additional support through one personal and confidential coaching call with Jumakae throughout the program to get unstuck and hone in on your story medicine.


Growth can only happen in relationship to one another. You'll gain access to other coaches I've personally hired that will be invited into our sessions to share their knowledge and expertise.

 Pictured: Human Design Workshop, Elyse Preston of Be More Connected


In addition to our Wednesday coaching calls, you'll have healing hype circles led by Nisha Mody to continue refining your medicine. After all, what is the purpose of birthing your offerings if it is not rooted in pleasure and joy? 


From Independence to Interdepenence

If you're ready to receive sacred support for this next season of your life, we'd love to have you in our community!

Less busy work, more embodiment.

Client successes


Hear from past students:

About Your Coach:

June Marisa Kaewsith, also known as "Jumakae," is a professional artist, wellness consultant, and storytelling coach. As an artist, she has conducted spoken word workshops and mural projects with various youth groups, and has facilitated theater skits with community members addressing local issues from workers' rights to environmental justice. As a keynote speaker, she has motivated crowds through her original poetry in high schools, college campuses, and various nonprofit groups throughout California. Clients who have sought her as a storytelling coach are change agents who have gone on to tell their stories on large stages in front of thousands of people, entrepreneurs pitching project proposals and product launches to board rooms for a handful of investors and funders, and individuals or artists seeking confidence in their ability to speak authentically and share their work publicly.

She currently serves as a guest coach and workshop facilitator for various programs, educating clients on how to create their signature talks and workshops to serve as medicine for the masses.

Through her additional practice as a wellness consultant, she is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher trained to work with survivors of sexual trauma through Peace Over Violence and a transformational life coach (which she rephrases as "life doula") with a professional certification from the International Coaching Federation. With her passion for the arts and somatic learning, she holds self-care and storytelling workshops for organizations and individuals to strengthen team relationships and wellness culture from a social justice, decolonial, and trauma-informed lens. Listen to her weekly podcast at www.yourstorymedicine.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional stories from seeds that have blossomed around the world:

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