Ep#27 Decolonizing Abundance: Leadership In the New Paradigm with The Ascension Seed

abundance entrepreneurship May 11, 2021

In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Nyasha and Reuben, a twin-flame couple and the energy behind The Ascension Seed, a company that spreads healing, empowerment, and unity consciousness for collective liberation. They offer their work in service to the multi-dimensional manifestation of unconditional love on Earth. They are passionate about dismantling all forms of separation and oppression to envision and create a world where all people are free to live equally in power, sovereignty, and abundance. They host online courses, trainings, retreats, and activations.

Nyasha and Reuben speak to us about the decolonization of abundance and spiritual teachings, how their lineages have informed their life’s work, how they are grounding themselves during this time, and what they’re learning to release. Towards the end of the episode, Nyasha and Reuben facilitate a powerful healing meditation that will help you integrate the energy of this discussion into your energy so that you can continue to spread love to those around you. 

What are you celebrating today? 

Nyasha: My courage to lean into the work as it arises, leaning into the places that are uncomfortable and finding medicine, power, and self-healing in those places so I can help others do the same. I’m witnessing my capacity to hold this space and to nourish myself in this time.

Reuben: The achievements we have accomplished so far, honoring and acknowledging the journey that we’ve manifested. The offerings that are being birthed through us, the shadow work we’re doing together and individually, and meeting different people.

How would you describe your medicine?

Nyasha: Liberating the soul and the love that wants to flow form within all of us in all ways to all people. That’s the essence of it. Allowing us to heal through the power of our own love and integrating the work so we can be embodied.

Reuben: This energy of freeing, releasing, processing, and maneuvering all the conditions that have been placed on love without avoiding them.

What is your ancestral lineage and how has that influenced your medicine today?

Nyasha: My mother is Indian and my father is Ethiopian who came to the UK as a political refugee after being a part of a revolution that failed. He came to Sussex which is where he met my mum. Our lineages are so fundamental to everything we do and who we are. Everything about us is informed by our ancestral lineage, it’s how we show up in the world. We’ve chosen these bodies and lineages for a specific reason, on a soul level, in order to do the work that our soul came to do on Earth and to liberate specific things from timelines and genetic lines. With my mother’s lineage, it’s been about freeing my feminine essence from forms of control and suppression of my sexual energy, body, and freedom. It’s about breaking free from the structure of how we’re expected to do life in this world. Part of it is liberating yourself from intergenerational curses or wounding, then the other part is reclaiming the power and richness of the spiritual wisdom of the lineage. Ethiopia is a very rich, ancient place full of love so there’s deep-rooted wisdom there and it’s running through me.

Reuben: My father was born in the UK but his parents are from Jamaica and my mother was born in the UK and her parents are British. A few generations back, my mother’s ancestors were in the Holocaust and my father’s ancestors came from somewhere in West Africa. There’s two sides of oppression. I’ve been doing a lot of healing recently and something that came up was that I don’t really have any warrior energy in my immediate family. No one would really take action for pursuing success, so I haven’t had that self-belief and courage to make a living for myself. Once I went to India, I began to break away from everything I knew, immerse myself in a new culture, and learn. So, I have a deep connection to India and their devotion, which has helped me connect deeply to God in my own way. 

What was your journey into realizing we need to decolonize abundance?

Nyasha: We weren’t really tapped into this part of the work until we decided that we wanted to empower ourselves and change our relationship to money and to abundance, which only happened during the first lockdown. We were immediately seeing white faces talking about abundance in ways that appealed to white faces, not from a decolonized perspective. There are some people of color teaching about abundance but there’s still such a small amount compared to the amount of people of color in the world that really need this work. 

These white people teaching abundance were not holding space for the nuances of like, POC are going to have different blocks to the work. They’re not going to have the same accessibility to the work. On a quantum level, we are all one and we are all equal. On a 3D level, we and the systems of the world are all carrying different blockages, traumas, and obstacles, which are playing out in an unconscious soul level in the teachings and offerings around abundance and mindset. Everyone needs to be aware of this and we’re playing a role in spreading that awareness, helping to create a vision for the future that is free of colonization.

What are you doing to stay grounded right now and what are you learning to release?

Reuben: We have been grounding in our truth as much as possible, understanding the nature of the interconnectedness of Earth and giving ourselves space to be without feeling like we need to be doing things all the time. It’s also important to acknowledge our white allies who have been doing the work. To have access to our consciousness in a time like this is a privilege, so we’re honoring that every day and using those tools to help us expand our work. We’re releasing the need to constantly be fighting and striving for change because that’s damaging to us and the people around us. To nurture ourselves and others, we need to have compassion and understanding. 

Nyasha: Time with the Earth is so healing and grounding. Laying my body on the Earth, touching the Earth, listening to nature, and communing with the elements is so fundamental. Enjoying the medicine and gifts of the Earth provides so much abundance, clarity, peace, and really catalyzes healing. Being so conscious about what I’m surrounding myself with and putting into my body, cultivating awareness of how my body feels and the subtle energetics it has. I’m releasing any attachments to external things, illusion of powerlessness, false identities, and excuses for who I want to be and how I want to show up in the world. 

If you could envision yourself as a future ancestor, what would you say to young Nyasha and young Reuben?

Nyasha: Thank you for being willing to do this work to liberate our bloodline. The work you’ve done has contributed in so many ways, more that you could ever realize. You have helped so much so give yourself to it even more. You know it’s right, you’ve already pushed yourself so far, and you’re capable of going even further. We exist in the consciousness we’re in because of the work and the foundations you’ve laid for us. Let your energy travel, let your consciousness expand, let your body raise its frequency, live your richest, fullest life of service and love. Free yourself in all ways as much as you can.

Reuben: Well done, you have done so amazingly and we’re so grateful for what you have achieved, the energy and shadow you have allowed yourself to go into. You’re safe, you’re held, and we are supporting you. 

Conclusion: Violence is a byproduct of people who have forgotten where it is they come from. When you want to anchor into true love, there are other forces that try to disrupt it, but it’s important to work to stay grounded in your truth. To start your healing journey, start spending time in nature, on your own, listening to what Earth has to say. Mother Nature is the greatest teacher of abundance.

Action Integration: Find time this week to connect with the Earth. Put your feet on the ground, breathe in the wind, soak in the sun, or feel the rain. Absorb this energy and fill up your cup first before reaching out to others. 


Learn more about Nyasha and Reuben and their offerings:

Visit their website: www.theascensionseed.com 

Follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/theascensionseed 

Connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheAscensionSeed 

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