Speaking & Consulting

Improve Wellness Culture and Creative Well-Being within Your Organization through custom-tailored workshops, speaking engagements, and retreats. We believe in the healing power of storytelling, fusing creative and somatic practices (poetry, theater, music, visual arts) with education and guided mindfulness prompts (yoga, breathwork, meditation) so that participants can explore ways to integrate these practices beyond our time together.

Speaking & Consulting

Improve Wellness Culture and Creative Well-Being within Your Organization through custom-tailored workshops, speaking engagements, and retreats. We believe in the healing power of storytelling, fusing creative and somatic practices (poetry, theater, music, visual arts) with education and guided mindfulness prompts (yoga, breathwork, meditation) so that participants can explore ways to integrate these practices beyond our time together.

Is your intention to craft a culture where your organization and environment embodies your mission and values?


If so, then let’s explore some of these questions together:

  • How do we not separate our personal wellness from our work in our communities and in the world?
  • What is the integral role of using storytelling, creativity, and our imagination to create the change it is we wish to see?
  • What does it take to sustain ourselves in our mission-driven work without martyrdom or burnout? 
  • How does unaddressed trauma impact our bodies, performance, and the relationships we have with our colleagues?
  • How do we move into a state of resilience, with joy and pleasure as our guide toward the beloved communities we seek to create?

Past Topics and Workshops Include…

  • Crafting Your Personal Legacy: How to Share Your Story Medicine
  • Dreaming as Strategy: Envisioning Ourselves as Future Ancestors
  • Alchemizing Our Money Stories Toward Embodied Abundance
  • Mindfulness in the Movement: Embodiment as a Political Act
  • Culture and Identity: Exploring Our Ancestry Beyond Oceans and Borders
  • From Independence to Interdependence: Why Self Care is Not Enough
  • Finding Clarity In Your Medicine and Sacred Offerings
  • How to Move from Trauma to Resilience
    …and more.

*It’s important to note that I cater my workshops and speaking engagements with the intentions and desired outcomes of your organization and participants, with these topics as a starting point.

I’m not here to provide you with direct solutions to your challenges; I’m here to walk alongside you and your team, and to support you with reaching clarity toward the answers that are already within you. My facilitation toolbox includes indigenous healing practices, meditation, movement, poetry and theater, visual arts, somatic awareness skills and more.


How this is achieved:

  • One time speaking or workshop facilitation
  • Half day - 3 day Retreats
  • Ongoing consultation and coaching packages to integrate wellness into organizational culture 


  • Wellness Retreat Curation
  • Podcast Interviews & Guest Coaching
  • Panel Moderation & Discussions
  • Ceremonialist & Event Host

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Past Partners


“June facilitated a full day retreat for our organization on increasing wellness culture to strengthen our relationship with each other so that we could continue our advocacy work. It cathartic both for myself and for my team, which brought us closer and helped us bond. The exercises June had us do brought out our inner child and began the process of addressing long-term trauma in my team's life, which was an amazing experience. In this way, June's workshop brought to the surface the true reasons why my team works with people who have experienced trauma: compassion, empathy, caring, and hope.

The experience was also extremely beneficial for me as I was able to make myself vulnerable to my team in a way I hadn't before. Since June took the reigns, I was able to be in a place of vulnerability, which allowed my team to trust me more as a supervisor. It humanized me in a way that none of the other trainings could because we were all speaking from the heart, not the mind.”


Beck Levin (They/Them/Theirs
Program Manager
TAY Academy --Project Navigate
Mental Health America of Los Angeles)

"June’s workshop revealed to me the promise of what my authentic self wants to express most at this point in my life.
As an employee at the world renowned Omega Institute, I have experienced many of the best healers and teachers on the planet, and I consider June’s deep and moving ancestral work among the most profound transformational experiences I have had the pleasure to know so far."


- Brett Bevell (Energy healer/poet, author of America Needs a Woman President, Psychic Reiki, Healing Racism Within and other books)

 "After talking to June and listening attentively to my employees, we invited her to facilitate a workshop on self-care and personal boundaries. The thought of having permission to be vulnerable and raw in a safe space was empowering for my team.  By the end of the workshop, we were able to strengthen our trust in each other and honor the challenges we face each day. I recommend working with June Kaeswith if you are a nonprofit organization who is learning ways to adapt to growing the needs in our communities and you’re discouraged by the thought of saying No.  With June’s facilitation, I learned that it’s the no’s that help you make the correct yeses on this journey."


- Meymuna (Executive Director & Co-Founder, Tiyya Foundation)

 "June’s spoken word pieces about people is one of her biggest strengths. She makes sure to collect enough info about an individual/group and give life to their stories as if they are the ones telling it. She has inspired me to change my views of life and how to run youth programs. Our program is centered around a story-based model compared to before. Instead of lecturing our participants, we now look at ways to build dialogue about important topics. For example, we set up 3-4 flip chart about issues in their community they maybe familiar with. We often use these (school, neighborhood, violence, health). Students do a gallery walk and write down things that come up when they see the word. At the end, in their groups they would either do a poem or share a story about that issue and present it at community forums in front of residents and policymakers which has made a bigger impact on our campaigns.”

Sambo Sak, Program Coordinator (Educated Men with Meaningful Message | Dignity Health)

 "June is a great facilitator. She knew how to engage each and every one of our participants no matter the age through storytelling and art. She was able to address the elders and helped them overcome some of their trauma. She had them talk about their feelings and their emotions and how it can manifest into pains in their body if not addressed. She was able to introduce the art of movement with elders to help them connect with their childhood. June was able to also engage our youth in having an open conversation about mental health stigma and its root causes, and had them work collaboratively on an art piece that became featured at the Bowers Art Museum. After each workshops, our participant raved about how great June was as their facilitator. Thank you June for working with us!


- Amina Sen-Matthews, (Director of Health Programs)

 “June is amazing, aware and a wonderful artist. She is always willing to work with community and uses what others see as limitations as part of the art. June facilitated a community theater piece that was performed at our annual People’s State of the City 2018. She helped community members from different backgrounds, languages and experiences, collectively create a theater piece that illustrated the challenges faced when engaging with elected bodies. The piece left community speechless and validated of their past experiences. June is a true community healer and artist.”


- Marlene Montañez (Community Organizer)

 “June benefitted our organization immensely by providing our staff with a foundation of greater trust and understanding before we embarked on an intensive multi-day, work retreat. We felt that the foundation she helped us establish resulted in a significant improvement in productivity and satisfaction compared to previous retreats when we did not bring in an outside facilitator. Almost every employee who has participated in previous retreats remarked that June’s services led to us having a retreat with more honest, less charged conversations, and people taking more time to frame their comments thoughtfully and compassionately (while still holding each other accountable to the impacts their comments have on their colleagues).

After June’s services, I personally felt rejuvenated, a greater sense of comradery with colleagues, and recommitted to prioritizing work/life balance for myself and the staff I supervise.”


- Erika Patterson (National Policy Director)

 June helped facilitate an artistic mural/montage process with our Youth in Action! (high school youth component from Cabrillo High). During the process, one of the activities she led at the end of some of our art build sessions was a mindful meditation. This was helpful for our youth as they were going through a very busy season with their school work, extracurricular activities, and organizing. As part of the art process she also guided our youth in a talking circle/healing/affirmation activity where our youth leaders were able to go through positive self reflection collectively. The youth said that it was a positive experience that helped them see themselves in a more positive light, that they have worth, that they skills, aspects of them that should be celebrated.


- Jan Victor Andasan (Community Organizer)

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