Ep#34 Ancestral Money Stories And How That Maybe Preventing You From Quantum Leaping with Kristen Noelle

abundance entrepreneurship Jul 06, 2021

In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Kristen Noelle, a transformational mindset and business coach & astrologer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the author of the bestselling book Stop Chasing Start Attracting. Kristen helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers release their money blocks so that they can effortlessly quantum leap into the next level of their life and business.

She has helped hundreds of her clients double their income in a matter of months, using her proprietary three pillar method the Cash Flow Trinity™.

Kristen is also a certified Business and Feng Shui Consultant and has an extensive background in both marketing and Chinese Metaphysics. Kristen's deepest mission is to help all visionaries step into their soul's purpose so that they can make the income and impact they were placed here to make.

What are you celebrating about yourself today?

Kristen: I’m celebrating this practice of honoring my ancestors and learning about them in a deeper way, discovering my purpose in the process.

How would you describe your medicine?

Kristen: I feel like I’m doing marketing for the Universe. I’ve been placed on this Earth to help people evolve and see the truth, particularly in the topics of money and abundance. My ancestors struggled a lot when it came to these topics and I did, too, for the longest time.

How has your ancestral lineage influenced your path today?

Kristen: I grew up in a very Asian neighborhood in Los Angeles. I hated being Asian so much that I went to a mostly white school just to break free of my Chinese roots. I wanted to reinvent myself. “Kristen Noelle” was a name that I created when I was a Peace Corps volunteer when I felt uncomfortable about who I was and didn’t want to be found on social media. I felt that there was a lot of lightness in that name, so I never changed it back.

How did you heal your relationship with your identity as an Asian-American?

Kristen: Ironically, I learned more about myself when I was in Armenia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I was subconsciously trying to escape the U.S. in order to escape my Chinese lineage. I was ridiculed for being Chinese and always asked about my heritage, and all of that inspired me to learn more about it, because I just didn’t know about my ancestry at the time. I learned so much about identity and the fact that your identity is your choice. Even more ironic: I’m getting married to an Armenian at the end of November and I’ll be changing my name again!

How much has your ancestry influenced your medicine?

Kristen: My medicine was actually something that I had to learn about and develop on my own. I had a “Rich Mom, Poor Dad”, but never really had a chance to embrace what my mom taught me about money because in Chinese culture, the father is the breadwinner, and I would only listen to his advice about money. That’s why I had to relearn everything later on by myself. In particular, door-to-door sales was one of the experiences that really taught me resiliency and to become uncomfortable with the word “no”.

When did you decide to do what you do now, and what was your learning process?

Kristen: In the Peace Corps, you really have to figure things out on your own and utilize whatever was around you to solve problems. When I went back to the U.S., I was thrust into corporate life thanks to my dad, but the lessons on entrepreneurship that I learned while I was in the Peace Corps never left me. I enjoyed the coaching that I did, so I soaked up everything I could about becoming a coach and worked on discovering and developing my strengths. I also had to trust my intuition that was slowly nudging me in this direction. What got me on the path of writing this book on money mindset were my struggles in building my own business at the beginning. In fact, I was actually in debt after investing all I could in learning how to get my business off the ground. I eventually realized that I didn’t need strategy—I just needed to reframe how I looked at money and change the vibration that I sent out.

What can Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui teach us about calling more abundance into our lives?

Kristen: Chinese metaphysics is part of Eastern astrology. It’s all about understanding yourself and discovering your hidden talents and even growing your relationship with money. And “astrology” here doesn’t mean you have a destiny that is set in stone and cannot change. Think about the Universe as a dealer with a deck of cards at a poker table. The hand that he or she gives you is essentially the energetic blueprint that you were born with. Your job is not to change the hand but to play the game—the game of life—strategically and reach your highest potential.

Why did you move from California to Arizona?

Kristen: There is a really big misconception about L.A. and what it has to offer. It’s all about how you look at things. It may seem like you’d have endless clients in L.A., but it’s really up to the individual if they want to actually get business. For me, I work best when I have space around me. When I was in Armenia, I was at my best even though there were no resources around me. This was because I was able to listen to my own body. I had more space around me. I am so confident that I can find clients no matter where I am. It’s all about what you intuitively feel is the right place for you.

As the child of Asian immigrants, how did you realize that a lot of your money blocks weren’t really your own?

Kristen: When I wrote my book, I was trying to break through my own money stories. It had nothing to do with ancestors at the time. I really believe that when you dive into ancestral money trauma, you can unlock a whole different area that you never knew existed. We can control the way we look at money but when it comes to our ancestors, we don’t really know what happened. It’s really important to understand what happened in the past so that we can create a new future.

What is the “The Cashflow Trinity”?

Kristen: This is based on a teaching in Chinese metaphysics: There is Heaven energy, Earth energy, and Man energy. Heaven energy is the energetic blueprint I mentioned earlier. The Four Pillar can be used to understand that energetic blueprint and why you were put on this Earth. Most people think that Man energy is doing things. Rather, it’s being. We’re not called “human doings”; we’re called “human beings”. How are you being in this world and do you have beliefs about yourself that you need to reprogram? Earth energy is your environment. For what I do, we are talking about your financial environment. This is where Feng Shui comes into play: I’m a strong believer that you need to work with the energies in your environment. We are all energetic beings, after all.

What do you do to stay grounded and what have you learned to release?

Kristen: In today’s day and age, it’s so easy for us to compare ourselves with other people. Comparison is a normal thing. But realize that everytime you compare yourself to someone else, you send out vibrations of inadequacy and lack. This year has actually been one of the greatest for me simply because I have learned to nip those thoughts and feelings in the bud. My new thought process is: If you want success, why would you be bitter around successful people? You need to celebrate other people’s successes if you want to step into your fullest abundance. Another grounding lesson that I learned from my mentor is to tie red ribbons around your wrists and ankles and write your name on each one of them. Every morning you can go out into nature and touch your hands to the ground, then say, “I am” and then your name. Repeat that. What it does is anchor you down to the Earth.

Conclusion: We tend to attach ourselves in an unhealthy way not only to things, but to people. And most of the time, we’re unconscious of that fact. We need to become more away, going forward, in how we choose to show up in the world.

Action Integration: Make everything that you create, moving forward, to be of the highest intent. Vocalize a deliberate intention today and send those powerful vibrations out into the Universe to attract the life of your dreams.

Learn more about Kristen and her offerings:

Grab her book: www.book.kristennoelle.co 

Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/kristennoelle.co

Check her out on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/421leekristen

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