Ep#38 How Sacred Travel Can Activate Your Dharma with Liz Jones & Farrah the Frequency

abundance plant medicine Aug 03, 2021

In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Liz Jones and Farrah the Frequency.

Liz Jones is a certified hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher, sound healer, and spiritual mentor. She helps people tap into their truth and higher self through energy work. She’s an intuitive traveling goddess who has been to 12 countries around the world. Now she curates sacred travel experiences for women of color on their spiritual journey to activate and step in to their expansion in her favorite countries around the world. 

We’re also being joined by Farrah the Frequency. She began her business during the peak of lockdowns last year after returning back from Costa Rica, and hit six figures within the first couple of months attuning others to become Reiki Master Teachers. Now, she is pivoting her focus more on creative expression and embodiment practices to nurture the inner child and align with the souls highest dharma.

What are you celebrating about yourself today? And where are you now?

Farrah: We are still in Mexico in Playa del Carmen. I’m open to everything that my inner child has always wanted to experience.

Liz: I’m celebrating the life I created: I’m finally living my dream as an entrepreneur with the freedom to move around.

How has your ancestral lineage influenced your path today?

Farrah: I was raised as a Black girl in the south. There was a lot of division between what black people did and what white people did. I never thought about travel as a kid but eventually started dreaming about going to Hawaii. Now that I’m traveling as a Black and Indiginous woman, it’s great to travel and see other People of Color and realize that we’re not the minority. My looks aren’t a big deal when I travel, unlike when I grew up in the South, and that has been deeply healing for my ancestral lineage.

Liz: I grew up in New York and it’s such a big place but everybody grew up in their own pocket. I never knew what kind of “black” I was and never really bothered to look into my ancestry until I took a course called “Africa and the Diaspora”. That’s when I learned about the dispersion of African people around the world. In America, you’re either “Black” or “White”. But when you travel, you start to expand the way you think about these things. I don’t know exactly where my ancestors are from, but that’s fine, because my mission is bigger than that. I just know that I’m Black and that there is so much more to our people than the narrative that America has taught.

How has sacred travel activated your dharma?

Farrah: I’m still pretty new when it comes to travel but it doesn’t negate the impact that it has on me. It was so healing to be able to see People of Color existing and thriving off of what we perceive as “less”—which is just simplicity and the basic things that you need to be a human-fucking-being—and it really helped me unlearn what it means to “be abundant” and also, I was able to rest. People have asked me, “Why did you go to Costa Rica?” and I answered, “To do nothing.” I just wanted to rest my body. I didn’t do any of the tourist trap stuff. I literally stayed in the same place and observed the people around me and rested my nervous system.

How have indiginous practices and plant medicine impacted your spiritual awakening?

Liz: Plant medicine is new to me. Spiritual awakening happens in layers when you open one door that leads to another and another. It started with learning about indiginous foods, which then led to indiginous herbs, which finally led to plant medicine. It actually started in Peru where I did a beautiful hike to experience huachuma, or “grandfather medicine”. I felt so connected with the land, the animals, and the people and realized, “This is abundance.” I also ended up doing another hike, this time to experience the “grandmother medicine”, ayahuasca. It was intense and really pulled back the veil for us to look at our own shit from our past. I had a lot of flashbacks on that journey. But it was still really beautiful. I was purging so much, crying and wailing: surrendering. It gave me such a high respect for these plants.

Farrah: My journey with plant medicine was really different. I had my first spiritual awakening back in 2015 when I was going through a lot of deep ancestral mental issues. I started doing Psilocybin by myself as a ceremony, paying reverence to the person who grew it and the history of it. When I went to Peru, I knew that it had a lot of plant medicine but never looked into it. But I learned that the plants call you. Plants are alive and sacred. It’s not a matter of, “Do I want to do this?” but, “Am I ready when the call comes?” These medicines make you see the truth, and you have to surrender to the truth of who you really are. Finally, you have to be willing to integrate these things into your life instead of just using them to get high; otherwise, it’s just abuse. The medicine gives you what you need, not what you want.

Tell us about your new plant medicine excursion for Women of Color.

Liz: I am hosting a retreat in Peru this Fall from November 3 to 10 called “Get Grounded Goddess”. We will spend eight days, seven nights in the Sacred Valley. We were very intentional to allow not just Black women, but all Women of Color to be part of it. Our intention is for this retreat to activate your inner child through play and have this serve as a space of activation. Farrah the Frequency will be there to do a cacao ceremony to help us unlock our divine feminine energy, Samsara will be doing ecstatic dance and DJing, and Dawid will lead us on a Wachuma plant medicine hike. I myself will be facilitating yoga and sound healing.

Who Can Identify as a Woman of Color?

Liz: If you’re not white, then you’re probably a Woman of Color. But you’ll know it as you move through the world: Are you Brown? Are you Black?

What do you do to stay grounded on your travels and what have you learned to release?

Farrah: I’m staying grounded on my travels through my practices. Everyday, I try to do something that connects me to my body and helps me to remember why I’m here—why I’m traveling in the first place. I’ve learned to release expectations that I’ve had growing up as a Woman of Color in the south.

Liz: It changes. When I was in Peru, walking in the water was grounding. I decided to become more intentional with everything I do, and also to keep my practices playful.

If you could speak to yourself as a future ancestor, what would you say?

Farrah: “Remember who you are.”

Liz: To my young self in Brooklyn, I would say: “This isn’t all there is. You can have the life that you want. There are infinite possibilities. Embody the vision that you want in your life. Be compassionate; be kind; be open.”

Conclusion: The way that we express ourselves, the art that we create, and the way that we travel in this world—that can be our medicine.

Action Integration: Just as Liz and Farrah have done, alongside a community of people that look like you, discover that dormant power within you that is asking to be cracked open.

Listen to our conversation to learn more about their upcoming Plant Medicine Retreat for Women of Color in Peru in November 2021!

Learn more about Liz and Farrah:

Join us at the Get Grounded Goddess Peru Retreat: www.wetravel.com/trips/get-grounded-goddess-peru-retreat-liz-jones-pisac-92167253

Follow Liz on Instagram: www.instagram.com/bylizjones

Website: www.bylizjones.com

Follow Farrah on Instagram: www.instagram.com/farrahthefrequency/?hl=en

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