Ep#50 Rich Rest: Redefining Abundance

abundance entrepreneurship solo episode Oct 26, 2021
Hello dear ones! 

Welcome to another solo podcast episode with your host, Jumakae or June for short, and I wanted to welcome you into the season of Rich Rest. 

What does that mean?

So lately I have found myself going into a spiral of comparison of what everybody else is doing or how much they're making all the ways that they're putting themselves out there, and here I am feeling like I'm not doing enough. 

And recently I met with two other friends with small businesses that have made multiple six figures, but … they haven't taken a vacation in years.

So while their businesses have been a financial success, there has yet to be time carved out for them to actually enjoy the financial abundance that they called in. 

And when I was reflecting back on my year, it has definitely been the most abundant.

Did I hit multiple six figures? No, but it was actually by choice. 

Because I had to sit and ask myself, what is it that's going to make me feel most abundant versus what is it that's going to make me the most money?

It was around this time last year where I did experience my very first six figures in my business, and instead of feeling abundant and proud of what happened - it brought up all of my stories of not feeling worthy or deserving of it, and it made me realize that money only amplifies that which has yet to be healed. I had been on this grind to finally hit this metric that I was trying to achieve for years, but was I perpetuating the very patterns I wanted to disrupt of equating my worth to my productivity?

I choose entrepreneurship as my sacred path of devotion to embody that there can be another way for us to live in abundance beyond the numbers in our bank account. 

So this year I intentionally chose to tend to my body, pleasure, joy and wellness.

I’ve traveled the most, from Tulum to Hawaii and road tripping throughout the southwest for several weeks.

I took on less clients to work with.

And I committed to taking a sacred pause in the months of November and December, after the veil of the ancestors are lifted and our nights are longer, inviting us to hibernate and restore.

What I learned from this experience is that being in the energy of abundance actually allowed me to receive more with less tension in my body.

Including money and resting without guilt.

And that what I valued the most was having an abundance of TIME.

The times I have felt most abundant this year are moments where I’m immersed in nature without Wi-Fi, sleeping underneath the Milky Way while waking up to the sunrise and the great ancients.

I was embodying the very thing I wanted for myself and others, and that meant needing to overcome a lot of the beliefs that surfaced along the way around worthiness and receptivity.

I’m not saying that you need to go to the middle of nowhere to achieve this, but to recognize that abundance is a feeling more than what’s in the bank account. And when you give yourself permission to be more in this state of gratitude and surrender, it's a dress rehearsal for you to receive for greater things in life.

However it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Since moving home to help support my aging parents, I’ve been seeing the ways scarcity has been passed down to me.

My mother refuses to hire a house cleaner, claiming she will get to it when she’s better.

My father has been attempting to fix things himself unsuccessfully, which has humbly led me to washing clothes at the laundromat on Saturday nights.

It’s taken several conversations to let them know that allowing ourselves the spaciousness to invest in help will allow my mother to heal quicker, for my father to enjoy his retirement, and to allow the economy to circulate amidst the grief many that other small business owners have been experiencing this past year.

And that’s how I see myself breaking the cycles of scarcity; to invest in experiences and individuals that grant us more time to be in our restoration -

Even if you aren’t a six figure earner, how can you embody what it feels like to receive in the here and now?

How can you honor the dandelion that grows from the concrete in the city as much as the sequoia trees in the foresee?

Because when money appears, it will only amplify more of who it is you already are.

Do you recognize patterns in your life where you still struggle to receive, or where you work so much to avoid the feelings that may come up when you actually take a sacred pause? Or you’re afraid to invest money in experiences or people that can support your vision out of fear that it may never come back?

So with Day of the dead just around the corner, the portal is being opened right now all around the world for us to tend to our ancestors, to tend to the darkness and reflect on our own mortality, on our own journey of becoming ancestors, and to even release any scarcity around TIME.

If you find yourself in a trap of comparison or feeling behind compared to your peers, this is the invitation to lean deeper into your own rest.

Otherwise, we are doing a disservice to our ancestors who want to come in and assist us.

From the stillness and the dark shadows of grief is often where creation emerges. 

And it is from this place where our grief gets alchemized into purpose.

We treat it like a seed that is in need of being nurtured while in dark soil until it is ready to sprout toward the sun.

We cannot treat our healing and the creation of our sacred offerings as a rocket ship launch, which is often the metaphor society uses to birth such things versus giving it time to bud and blossom. We get to compose the toxic narrative that you need to be hustling 24/7 to achieve abundance, or that you need  titles and accolades to dictate your expertise, and to trust that you are already the medicine.

I've learned that because my body was more comfortable with being in a state of fight or flight, pleasure and rest actually felt like a threat to me. Work and hustle can easily become a coping mechanism and a means to dissociate from healing. And that this is especially a common experience for immigrants, refugees, people of color, and people who didn't grow up with financial stability.

We tend to believe that it’s the money that will provide us with the feelings of security, but what is any of it worth if you still feel broken inside? If you’re still chasing external validation and approval from others? If you’re grinding and burning yourself to the ground? Or in the words of Kanye, using it to cover up what we feel inside?

So this is the work that I am now even more fired up to do. To walk you on the path of embodying abundance, until it becomes seeped into your DNA and you become a magnet for the things you dreamed of and that it feels good when it arrives.

And in my own season of Rich Rest that I invite you to take with me, I will be enrolling into my six month program Bud to Blossom, a mentorship for healers who are ready to expand their legacy from this restful state in 2022. 

This is for you if you know what it’s like to birth your sacred offerings, or what this industry calls “launch”, and are looking to do it in a way that feels more aligned and in integrity with your values. Maybe you’ve checked off all the boxes of success and are looking for a space you can be in where you don’t feel like you're outshining anyone. Instead we operate on the belief that when you shine, We all shine brighter. We operate with the belief that there is more than enough. We recognize that change goes beyond mindset but lives in the body and in the frequency of the collective. This is for you if you’re seeking that community and that accountability to integrate, to center your pleasure, to center your joy and to know that you don't have to do it alone.

On top of that, I’m going to show you how to master your energy, work with the cycles of nature, and how you can achieve more by doing less.

The Amazon rainforest didn’t grow overnight, so let’s tend to your legacy on fertile soil vs sinking sand.

So if this is something that calls to you, then I would invite you to actually send me a message on Instagram or to send us an email at [email protected] to get on the waiting list. This program is going to fill up before the end of the year so that we can begin the new year well rested.

In the meantime I invite you to also be in this season of Rich Rest; to embody abundance and to let go of the scarcity of timelines, and to trust that when you are in this place that you can then allow your ancestors, your guides to come and assist you with your own expansion as you are also preparing to become an ancestor.

That’s what it means to birth more than a business, but a legacy that will carry on.

Thank you for being with me today. We will be releasing a few more episodes before we go on our very first season break to make space to welcome those who are joining us on this next journey.

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