Ep#9 Activating Power Codes: Planetary Awakening for Empaths with Margarita Alcantara

abundance entrepreneurship Jan 05, 2021


In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Shamanista Medicine Woman, Activator of the New Code of Power, and Mentor for Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs, Margarita Alcantara. Margarita is also a Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master/Teacher who helps her patients awaken into their spiritual badassery at her private practice in NYC. She is a #1 Bestselling Author of the book Chakra Healing and contributing writer to The Huffington Post, mindbodygreen, and Elephant Journal. Margarita offers insight into her transition from activist to activator, how we can tap into an abundance mindset amidst society’s prominent narrative of scarcity, and how her inner work has healed her ancestral lineage. She also shares a simple yet beautiful practice you can do from anywhere at anytime to connect to your heart’s desires.

Are you struggling with feeling abundant and empowered? Do you ever find it hard to release what doesn’t serve you? These are common struggles, but you don’t have to carry these burdens for your entire life. You have the power to make any shift in your life, as well as other people’s lives. Let’s shake up the world, release our triggers and heal ourselves and one another!

How would you describe your medicine?

My medicine is to raise the frequency and the vibration of our divine power on this power. I do that through activation work, acupuncture, Reiki, and shamanic work. It all just melts together. Part of my work sometimes requires going into the ancestral shame and guilt that gets passed down and stored in the DNA, clearing that up and healing it, and then moving onto the activation so that they can be embodied in their power.

What is your ancestral lineage and how has that influenced your medicine today?

I am multiracial, so I am Filipino, Spanish, Irish, Chinese, West African, and Native American. That has really formed who I have become because early on, since I was a child growing up in white suburbia and the fact that there was so much ambiguity, I was very curious about my roots. It provided me with a lot of lessons, some painful, but all valuable and important. I would really dig deep into my lineage and I was a burgeoning writer. It was about opening up into the intersection between race, sex, and gender because it was me exploring who I was and why I was here. It became a global dialogue. Here I am taking it further and rising up for the people in a different way. 

How have you transitioned from becoming an activist into becoming an activator? 

It has morphed because before, it was about me and my experiences and feelings. Now, it’s transformed into what can I do for others, for the collective, for this planet. Because I’m a star seed who awakened into my star seed awareness four years ago, it’s also about what can I do for this Universe. It’s a lot bigger, not about me, and people are collectively going through dark times. It’s about who can I help or impact? vs. what can I do to heal myself?
There was so much I was angry and raging about and my fire is now homed, cultivated, directed, and focused, which is more powerful than what I used to be. 

In a time where a narrative of scarcity is so prominent, how can we truly believe there is enough to go around?

This is the million-dollar question. That was the question I asked when I first began as a healer and that’s why I struggled so much in the beginning. I don’t struggle anymore and the reason is because I had scarcity around money and being in private practice in the middle of NYC. I was in scarcity of there’s only so many people I can help and only enough money. If that’s anyone’s mindset, then you will create that reality because your reality is a reflection of what you feel is possible. You’re a powerful creator and you get to own that. A common misconception is that you’re full of yourself if you own your power. That is a lot of BS because the truth is there is a big reason why you’re here and it’s to help change and transform the world, helping it to heal for the better. That won’t happen if you think you can only do so much. You’re experiencing this huge planetary awakening because you have a greater purpose. If you keep that to yourself, you’re actually being selfish. It doesn’t matter if you’re being criticized for your power. 

Money is neutral. It’s not the root of all evil. It’s about the money stories you’re being told. When you transform your relationship to and perception of money, money just exacerbates who you are. By showing up in our power and continuing the circulation of money, we change the world. Allow yourself to get reprogrammed and get with the program of light. 

How do you feel the work you’ve been doing on yourself has contributed to healing your lineage?

It’s everything. For many of us, we have subconsciously taken on the mantle for our ancestors in saying ‘the trauma and tragedy ends with me’. That’s a decision you make and then you continue moving forward with everything that’s aligned. When you are empowered on all the levels of what that could mean for you, then you are breaking the story of being broken in order to be valid in this world. Being broken and struggling is a choice. We get to heal our ancestors by healing ourselves and not attaching to pain and sorrow anymore. None of this happens from luck, it happens from intention, commitment, consistency, and showing up. We, as empaths, are not here to soak up people’s emotions, we’re here to use our gift of psychic intelligence to tap into our work and deliver healing. 

What are you doing to stay grounded in these times and what are you learning to release?

For empaths, you want to make sure you’re showing up for others when it’s asked of you, not when you feel they need it. People will not receive your message if they are not ready to receive it. Everyone has their own sovereign journey. 

The way I stay grounded is focusing on my work, meaning my purpose and what I’m here to provide to the world. The energies that are purposefully trying to jam our sovereignty and interrupt our ascension plans will not succeed. You get to recognize when they come in. For me, they come in through the people that I love. It’s essential to do the internal work around the things that trigger you and that you fear the most. Heal your heart from all the betrayals and clear the bitterness that you’ve been carrying from who has hurt you.

What is a ritual or practice that the listeners can incorporate into their lives so that they can awaken to the star seed that they are?

It all comes from the heart. One basic thing I like to do that works every time is putting your hand over your heart and just connecting with your heart. If you ever feel that you’re not in alignment or you’re flustered, go back to your heart and ask it what it needs right now so that you can move forward in an empowered way. Then, take action to do that. This will reinforce your connection to and communication with your heart, resulting in a stronger alignment with yourself, others, and the world.

If you could envision yourself as a future ancestor, what would you say to Margarita who was still figuring it out?

Don’t believe what they’re telling you and what they’re saying about you. You know it’s not true. You are actually that powerful. Trust yourself and keep going. 

Conclusion: You are who you are. You are extremely abundant if you allow yourself to be. You get to own your power and who you actually are. If you’re feeling out of alignment, tune into your heart and ask it what it needs. It’s important to do the internal work to heal your traumas and triggers. Heal all the betrayals and bitterness you’re holding onto because they aren’t serving you. This takes intention, commitment, consistency, and showing up.

Homework: What is one thing you could benefit from releasing this week? It could be big or small! Identify it and work to uncover what you need to do in order to release it. It could be a mindset shift, a visit with a healer, replacing an unwelcomed behavior with a positive one, etc.

Learn more about Margarita and her work:

Website: www.alcantaraacupuncture.com 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alcantaraacupuncture 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alcantaraacupuncture 

Chakra Healing: www.barnesandnoble.com/w/chakra-healing-margarita-alcantara/1125419313

Here is the link for the Throat Chakra Power Activation video free gift: https://margarita6ca3cc.clickfunnels.com/optinjn87p82l

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