Season 2 Ep#59 Coherence: How to Become the Emcee of Your Life with Didier Sylvain

ancestral healing arts entrepreneurship Apr 26, 2022
In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Didier Sylvain, a life alignment coach, leadership trainer, and creative healing practitioner based in Los Angeles. His life mission is to create and hold transformative learning space for people to claim their power and give their greatest gifts to the world. He leads Coherence, a leadership activation experience for creatives-of-color, as well as other deep dive programs that guide individuals and groups to become fuller and more integrated versions of themselves. He has coached and taught leadership at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Notre Dame. Didier is also a multidisciplinary artist, music producer, PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology (Columbia University), and certified practitioner of sound healing and qigong.

Main Topics Discussed:

  • Celebrating the voice you were gifted with
  • Finding the force (ex. music) that integrates every part of you
  • How to emcee your life
  • Achieving coherence

What are you celebrating about yourself today?

Didier: I am celebrating a claiming of my voice. I've found that for a lot of years in my life, I've practiced this thing called self-silencing where I've been so effective in creating space for others to unleash their own gifts and truths, so much so that I forget what it is to care for and share the medicine of my own voice. And so I'm celebrating that voice has been gifted to me, and it's something I'm excited to wield and use with intention in service of the collective optimal good.

How would you describe your medicine?

Didier: It’s a presence that draws forth full presence from others and draws out spirited truth from people. Also, my medicine is music. I find intentional ways to move energy for people to experience ease in their life and to experience whatever it is that is most meaningful for them.

How has your ancestral lineage influenced your path today?

Didier: My most recent people are from Haiti. I was raised in New York and don’t have much of a relationship with Haiti. My great, great, great uncle was a journalist and a freedom fighter who stood for the liberation of all people worldwide. I sense he was also a medicine worker. I was last in Haiti in 2016, and that trip activated a conscious healing journey that opened up all types of things in my life, including coaching. It was on that land that, for the first time, I experienced a kind of blessing from the ancestors to pursue a creative healing practice as a vocation.

Tell us who J. Phoenix is.

Didier: J. Phoenix is my musical project. It is a vehicle that has been supportive for me to share music with the world. In the earthquake in Haiti, in 2010, at that moment, I was longing to discover some stories and signs of the possibility of people renewing themselves. At that moment, the archetype and myth of the phoenix just crossed my consciousness. And it also was the time when I stumbled upon Afrofuturist works: the work of Octavia Butler and the work of Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, and all these different Black artists who have done so much incredible work that supports the flow of looking back to create an emerging future. It was also at that moment that I started making music under the name “J. Phoenix”. The “J.” stands for “Jovian”, which is a shout out to Jupiter, one of my ruling planets.

How have you been able to integrate yourself both as an artist and as a space holder?

Didier: Working with sound or music has been that integrative force. Working with music shows up in my coaching work.

What does it mean to “emcee your life”?

Didier: Our life is an opportunity to honor what's important to us and to offer what we have to give. What are we mastering as a “Master of Ceremony”? Anything we want to. That choice of what we want to master is another key component of emceeing our life.

How about “coherence”?

Didier: Coherence is a big part of my group coaching program. It's a life alignment and leadership activation experience that is targeted for creatives of color that are interested in integrating the full truth of who they are. It is for those who have an interest in creating some greater impact and experiencing greater freedom and perhaps calling in greater income. After the murder of George Floyd, I felt that now is a time to elevate and lift up black leadership in the world. That's what I was feeling in that moment. And the first cohort was amongst black men and masculine identified folks. We need to experience the possibilities of liberation and decolonization—the internalized structures and stories that no longer serve us.

How does this space actually help to contribute to the liberation that you speak of?

Didier: I have spent a lot of time codifying frameworks and methodologies and tools and all these things that I love. It's so much fun for me to create content and tools. And in the past couple of years, I have been falling in love with the possibility of leading from the center of the chest in life and, in part, because I've learned, oh my gosh, there are angels in my chest. There are angels in there. That's actually when I'm most alive and other people can do that too. There's a commander in the chest that can do a whole lot more than you might even conceive. So coherence also calls forth a life that leads with love.

How do you stay grounded and what have you learned to release?

Didier: One of the grounding practices that have been really supportive to me is working with flower essences. Also, playing the flute is a meditative practice for me. I like to stretch. I’m releasing an attachment to speed.

If you could envision yourself as a future ancestor, what would they say to you today?

Didier: Spread your wings. Be conscious of your breath.

Conclusion: Be the Master of the Ceremony that is your life. If you want more out of your time on Earth and to leave a greater legacy than you ever thought possible, strive for coherence—align what you do with what you believe in. Live a life led by love.

Action Integration: Engage in a bit of call and response. Name all those facets of life that are most important to you: health, happiness, people, open paths, peace in the spirit, love in the heart…

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