Season 2 EP#70 The Soulful Currency Method: How to Close More Soulful Sales with Melissa Ruiz

abundance entrepreneurship Aug 16, 2022

In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Melissa Ruiz, the founder and visionary of Melissa Ruiz Empowerment, a soulful business coaching powerhouse that mentors mystical offbeat entrepreneurs to start and scale their business through a spiritually universal lens. Through her coaching programs, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to step into their leadership and pour their knowledge back into their own networks, with a large focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Main Topics Discussed:

  • Why refusing to focus on the end-result almost always leads to greater success
    • How to stop being a slave to every now moment and achieve freedom
    • Seeing money as a tool that you can use to leave a legacy
  • The magnetic power of authenticity in all that you do
  • Why releasing your need for control leads to a better life

What are you celebrating about yourself today?

Melissa: I’m celebrating the fact that I never started this journey for money, but for freedom. I’m celebrating the fact that I have the balls to continually refuse to go into my comfort zone. People who do this work for decades never do it for the money. Their whole heart has to be in it. I don't live to do things that I've done before. I live my life in the unknown.

What is your philosophy towards money? What happens to us when we acquire more of it?

Melissa: This is a kind of double-edged sword. I can talk to you about the energetics of money. And that's where that phrase comes from: “Money doesn't make you more of who you are.” Only your life and only experiences can make you more of who you are. Only when you answer the question of, “Who am I?” can you truly grow. I love the philosophy of yoga because it challenges us to ask, “If I'm not the body and I'm not the mind, then who the fuck am I?” This question applies to every area of your life. Your self-worth is not tied to your physical attributes. My family didn’t come from money. They had to work hard to give us a good life. I refuse to ever let that mindset of wanting while I was growing up ever influence the decisions I make today. I became a TV producer for 13 years. I did reach a certain level of income. I did reach a certain level of status. I was married. I did buy a BMW. I did buy a home. And through those experiences, I realized that I was so unhappy. And that was the second initiation that I had with money, where I realized that money truly doesn't make you happy. I realized that, unlike what society pounds into us, our happiness is not dependent on material things. I lived in a 480 square foot home. Now I’m about to live in an 80 square foot van to travel and I’ve never been happier. It’s not about the stuff I acquire, but who I am inside and where I intend to go. At the same time, we can’t ignore the fact that we accumulate our resources to live and thrive through currencies. You don’t have to focus solely on money, but if you have more, you can do so much amazing stuff not just for yourself but for others. Money is not the end, but it’s an amazing tool if you use it properly. Stop attaching yourself to rewards and compensation when you do anything. Abundance will always find you; but, it starts from the inside-out.

Why do you think you’ve become so successful as a business owner?

Melissa: I’ve always been myself. That resonates with people. People don't wanna be tricked. People want real; they want authenticity. They want somebody that can hold space for them and pull them up. My business is Melissa Ruiz Empowerment. If you wanna come here and you wanna get empowered, you wanna feel activated, you wanna feel like you can literally do anything that you ever fucking wanted—I can do that because I hold that belief for myself. Only somebody that holds that belief for themselves can take you there. You have to recognize the being that you are. The being that I am is connected to God. The being that you are is connected to God. The being that you are is connected to the vastness of the universe; the heart of the universe: the energy that creates worlds.

What do you do to stay grounded and what have you learned to release?

Melissa: I’m learning to release control. Every single day is an invitation to release control—to surrender in the worst times and in the best times.

If you could envision yourself as a future ancestor, what would they say to you today?

Melissa: There is nothing for you to worry about. Continue to drop into your heart. You did it. You're gonna continue to share wisdom that you learned through us. You're gonna share with your community. Don't ever doubt yourself. You have everything that you need. Don't look around. I love you. I appreciate you. I'm with you. I've always been with you. I've been holding your hand. I've been guiding you. Allow yourself to release judgment.

Conclusion: Life on this Earth is too short to become slave to every little moment, worrying at every small step. Learn to surrender whether in good times or in bad, and let abundance find you, as it always will.

Action Integration: Whatever your calling, choose to embrace your authentic self, and watch as you attract more of the right people and opportunities into your life.

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