Ep#3: Meditation, Money, and an Abundant Life with Tara Moraleda

abundance entrepreneurship Nov 24, 2020

In this episode of Your Story Medicine, I welcome Tara Moraleda, visionary artist and abundance coach living on Maui. We discuss the duality in spirit that came from her mother and father, how she was called to move to Hawaii and silently meditate for 150 days, and why stillness contributes to systemic change. Tara also details how she shifted from a broke artist mindset to a money mindset, the correlation and differences between money and abundance, and the money rituals she’s been practicing lately.  Then, she shares some wise words through a lovely poem she wrote about being a dual being.

Are you having trouble with feeling abundant and secure in your life and your finances? Listen in and read on to learn ways in which you can garner abundance and peace in your life while getting paid.


How would you describe your medicine?

My medicine is the remembrance that the soul is the most potent piece of ourselves and when we can operate from that level of deep knowing, everything else is easeful and graceful. My medicine and how to get there is through meditation and to make an impact with that through money.


What is your ancestral lineage and how has it influenced your medicine?

My dad is Filipino and loves to get rich quick schemes, which landed him in jail a few times. My mother is the daughter of a famous pastor in the midwest, which is where my interest in meditation comes from. I took in the spirituality from my mother’s side and the visionary, creative with making money side comes from my father’s side. 


How did your mom end up at Burning Man? 

My mom is an artist and black sheep of the family, but it was my dad who came up with the idea to go. My family is very open-minded, they thought of it as an exploration. 


Did you grow up as a child that meditated with your family on a regular basis?

I never saw my parents meditate much, but I have pictures of myself meditating at age four! I was definitely onto something at a young age.


How did you end up in Hawaii?

Hearing about Hawaii as a teenager was magical. I was entranced by it. My first trip ever was to visit my brother, who had moved there. It was unlike anything I have felt before and that’s where the love affair began. I would go once, twice, sometimes three times a year throughout my twenties. Then, I got a message during a deep meditation that told me to move to Maui alone, even though I was in a partnership at the time. I was extremely content in California and so I was confused! The messages kept coming through clearer and clearer, so I trusted my intuition because it’s always proven to be true. 


Why is stillness a contribution to systemic change?

In this world, many people are fighting for change and in that process, our bodies are tight. We’re not creating peace when we’re fighting for change. If we want to see, experience, and have peace in the world, we need to have that within ourselves first. Once you embody that, people learn just by witnessing you exist in that way. 


How does this correlate to being able to generate abundance in our lives? Where was the shift from a broke artist mindset to going after the money?

One of the realizations that comes from meditation is remembering that you don’t need anything. You can have very little and realize that being alive is enough. You can not need anything and still go after your desires. No one’s going to listen to a broke artist, they’re going to listen to people of status and power. To make a big impact, money gets to be a part of that, so I dove into learning about finance. I wanted to have a healthy relationship with money, without fear surrounding it, and I wanted this for others as well. That became a huge part of the medicine that I’m now offering to the world. 


Have you experienced your parents’ relationships with money shift since you’ve made the shift?

Yeah! My mom is still catching up to it. She was very congratulatory when I reached my first $10k month, which I wasn’t expecting, and realized that I’m here to make a really big impact. I think I’m rewiring how my parents are responding.

To be honest, I don’t like to tell my dad about my finances because he’s still coming out of debt from being in jail. I don’t think it would be healthy for our relationship for us to talk about money. 


What is a money ritual that you’ve been practicing in your life besides meditation?

To treat money as if it were a person in your life. The relationship I have with money right now is like me and my inner child. The way that I love money comes from the deepest, most playful part of my heart. The more I do this practice, the more money wants to hang out with me. 

Before all the gratitude comes, there are so many stories that we get to get rid of. Full Moons are where I feel every level of scarcity that has come around money. I write down all my fears and worries and burn them in a fire, releasing them. 


What’s the difference between money and abundance? If you could support us with redefining what money or abundance is, what would that be?

Abundance is a feeling, a state, the remembrance that there is enough and that there will always be enough. Just being alive is enough, that’s abundance. 

Money is the fuel that gets to channel through us so we can support ourselves with bringing our gifts forth. It’s supposed to flow in through you and flow out of you. We’re not supposed to hold on to it. The feeling of abundance is what you get to hold on to.

Abundance is a feeling, money is an energy.


What words of wisdom can you share with us?

I wrote a poem when I was deep in meditation, thinking about being a dual being. I was struggling with trying to put myself in a box of how I was supposed to be and then I came to this awakening of knowing I can be whoever I want. I can be a successful businesswoman and also twerk on the dance floor. 


Conclusion: There is enough to go around for all of us. Abundance is a mindset, a feeling, and a remembrance that to be alive is enough. Money is the energy or fuel that helps us bring our gifts forth and share them with the world. 

Homework: Write down your fears related to money and finances, then release them. This could be done through a burning ceremony, ripping up the paper, or just scribbling out your words. Release your worries, make room for contentment, and acknowledge that your life is divine. 

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Learn more about Tara and her work:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/taramorelove 

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