Who will you be when you become an ancestor, returned to earth to stardust?

Your Story Medicine guides changemakers and visionaries to envision themselves as future ancestors so that they can create a story that leaves a legacy beyond this lifetime.




"Breathing in, I see all my ancestors in me: my mineral ancestors, plant ancestors, mammal ancestors, and human ancestors. My ancestors are always present, alive in every cell of my body, and I play a part in their immortality."

-Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Living


About The Founder:

June Marisa Kaewsith, also known as "Jumakae," is a wellness consultant, storytelling guide, and “life doula” supporting people through speaking, workshops, ritual and ceremony. After spending over a decade as an artist and community organizer, she began craving an alternative narrative to healing and justice beyond the history of colonialism and trauma. Curiosity led her back to Thailand, where she studied with a traditional midwife to learn the birthing ways of her ancestral lineage - and realized the importance of treating life as an everyday ceremony that is worth celebrating until our last breath. Thus sparked her calling to assist others in remembering their purpose on this planet, while reflecting on the legacy they’re here to leave behind when they, too, become an ancestor.

As a life doula, June currently curates local and international wellness retreats for women and gender expansive folks who are seeking clarity in their next steps and confidence in their speaking so that they can share their story, reclaim the wisdom of their body, and reconnect with their ancestors.

Her coaching clients include executive leaders, nonprofit workers, healers, and entrepreneurs of color that are moving through life transitions while rediscovering what their medicine is.

With her passion for the arts and somatic healing, she holds mindfulness and storytelling workshops for organizations and individuals to strengthen team relationships and wellness culture from a social justice and trauma-informed lens.

Let’s Play!

As a trained facilitator and transformational life coach, my intention is to support individuals and communities with embodying wellness from a social justice, indigenous, and trauma-informed approach. Whether it be through workshops, retreats, ceremonies, or private mentorship opportunities, let’s explore how to best assist you with our services.


Speaking & Consulting

Improve Wellness Culture and Creative Well-Being within Your Organization through custom-tailored workshops, speaking engagements, and retreats. 
We believe in the healing power of storytelling, fusing creative and somatic practices (poetry, theater, music, visual arts) with education and guided mindfulness prompts (yoga, breathwork, meditation) so that participants can explore ways to integrate these practices beyond our time together.



Coaching & Mentorship

Are you looking for personalized guidance on your journey as a future ancestor?
If you’re embarking on a spiritual or entrepreneurial path, going about it alone can be challenging. Gain 1:1 Support for Life & Business Coaching so that you can move about these initiations with greater awareness and ease. I’m not here to tell you what to do. My job is to uphold the frequency of love, ask powerful questions, and to carry the vision of what is possible beyond your fears.



Retreats & Ceremonies

Sometimes, a shift in your life requires a shift in your environment. Our experiences are more than just retreats; they’re ancestors training. Attend one of our upcoming local and international retreats, or consider booking a private ceremony at a location of your choice to support you with moving through rites-of-passages. This can include birth, marriage, cord cutting, grief rituals honoring loved ones that have transitioned, and plant medicine ceremonies with preparation and integration support.


Our Vision

To create a culture of interdependence where innovators, dreamers, and creatives are the catalysts for collective liberation. We strive to guide individuals and organizations to embody abundance, reclaim the wisdom of their ancestors, and to inspire the next generation to lead from a place of radical love and compassion.


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Your Story Medicine is a bi-weekly series of conversations and coaching hosted by Jumakae. Join us as we explore how storytelling has the power to liberate, and get ready to do the work to make your ancestors proud.


“A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind.”


- Grace Lee Boggs

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